PetCube Review – Is It Worth The Money?

It is no secret that pet parents treat their dogs and cats like their children. It would be unthinkable to leave a small child at home alone. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to leave your dog at home, but life isn’t fair. You will eventually need to leave home and it is impossible to take your dog with you everywhere. Don’t worry, because a pet camera will allow you to keep an eye on your pooch from anywhere in the world. The PetCube is one of the most versatile pet cameras on the market. Is it truly worth the cost? Continue reading to find out.

petcube review

PetCube Review – Pet Camera Features

Compact, But Wide Field Of View

Pet cameras are substantially different from security cameras. While security cameras tend to be big and bulky, the PetCube is compact. The camera is manufactured with a 4 by 4 by 4-inch aluminum housing. This makes it possible to stick the camera almost anywhere. Despite the camera’s small stature, it delivers an immense field of view, which will give you the ability to observe a large portion of the room. In all, the camera delivers a 138-degree wide angle. As long as you stick it in a strategic location, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your pooch no matter where he or she ventures within their quarters.

Motion And Sound Detection

Dogs can be very vocal. They’ll bark when someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell. They may also bark hysterically, if someone attempts to break into your home. The good news is that the PetCube Pet Camera is equipped with motion and sound detection functionalities. The camera is capable of picking up your dog’s movements, as well as the noise within your home. When motion or sound is detected, the camera will transmit a notification to your mobile phone. This will give you the ability to check in on the situation and react appropriately. Suffice to say, the camera could help to prevent a break in, while also providing you with reassurance that your pooch is safe and sound.

Wi-Fi Enabled

In the past, cameras were inconvenient, due to the sheer number of cords required. Today, this has changed dramatically and it is clearly evident with the PetCube. Although the camera does utilize a power cord, you won’t have to worry about any Ethernet cable. The camera can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network wirelessly. This eliminates the cord, while also eliminating the need for external or internal storage. Also, the associated mobile app will give you the ability to check the camera’s life stream from anywhere.

The partner mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Since these are the most common, nobody should have a problem getting the app to work on their phone. Even those that do not have their own camera can use the PetCube app to play with pets from around the world.

HD Live Video Stream


This post which is focused on the PetCube Review Pet camera for your pets. Home security cameras are becoming extremely popular, because they allow homeowners to monitor their home when they away. Well, did you know that the Petcube will offer the same benefits, but instead of monitoring your home, you will be able to monitor your pets? This device is designed to allow pet owners to access a live-stream video of the camera’s view. Not only will users be able to see their pet, but they will also be able to capture photos and share them with friends. If you have ever been curious about your pet’s behavior, when you are away from home, the Petcube will satisfy your curiosity.

Once you download the Petcube app to your mobile device, you will be able to access a real-time video stream. This small feature will give you the peace of mind, in knowing that your pet is happy and safe at all times.

Laser Pointer

petcube laser game

The device is embedded with a laser pointer. Users can control the laser pointer, utilizing the app interface. By sliding your finger along your smartphone screen, you will be able to move the laser around. Once you capture your pet’s attention, you can play with him/her for hours. This is a great way for your pet to get a little exercise, while being cooped up in the house. Felines will probably interact with the laser more than canines, but you will still have a lot of fun trying to entice them to get involved.

Two-Way Speaker System

Animals become very familiar with their owner’s scent, voice, and touch. When you are at home, your pet will react to your voice, even if you are in separate rooms. The Petcube camera is embedded with a two-way speaker system, so you can interact audibly with your pet. You will be able to hear your pet and your pet will be able to hear you. This feature will allow you to calm your pet down, when they become too rowdy. It will also give you peace of mind, in knowing that your pet is calm and peaceful on those long workdays.

Sharing Access

If you reside in a home with multiple people, you will undoubtedly want to allow your relatives to be able to access the cameras as well. By default, only you will be able to access your video stream. However, it is possible to change the settings and make the stream accessible to others. This will give you the option of allowing a friend or family member to watch over your pet, while you’re busy at work. And, multiple cameras can be registered to a single account. This will make it possible to keep everything organized and readily available at all times.

PetCube Pet Camera “Pros” And “Cons”

There is NO how we can finish the PetCube Review Pet camera without the Pros and Cons of the Pet Camera. The PetCube Camera which also has the chances of been the Best Pet Camera Out there.


  • Setup is fairly simple
  • Offers 2-way audio and 2-way video
  • Control multiple cameras from a single account
  • Use the laser to play with your dog or cat from afar
  • Can share access with others
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Can deliver notifications
  • Can take screenshots and record videos
  • Wi-Fi enabled for fewer cords


  • No night vision
  • Doesn’t dispense treats

Conclusion On The PetCube Review – Overall Assessment

The Petcube is a wonderful system for owners that spend a lot of time away from their pets. It will also let you monitor the inside of your home, so the location is extremely important. The installation and setup processes are very easy, plus you never have to worry about battery replacement and that makes the very end of our PetCube review article I hope the content has informed you will on what to expect when you get a PetCube Pet Camera.

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