PetChatz Pet Camera – A Comprehensive Review

Pet parents absolutely adore their furry loved ones. As a pet owner, you’ll understand how excruciating it can be to leave your dog alone, while you head off to work or school. Since it is foolish to suggest you can simply drop out, you’ll need to find a supplement. For many people, the PetChatz Pet Camera will provide the reassurance that is desired. This camera is idealistic for dog owners and will prove to be well worth its cost. What makes the camera stand out amongst its competitors? You’ll find out below.

PetChatz and Pet Palm

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Built For Safety

A pet camera is designed to provide you with peace of mind. It would defeat the purpose, if the camera was unsafe and could potentially cause harm to your precious animal. The PetChatz is designed with safety in mind. The camera’s exterior features rounded edges and a see-through cover, which will help prevent your dog from chewing it up. At the same time, the camera is wall mounted. Once mounted to the wall, the power cord will remain hidden at all times. This helps to prevent your dog from getting electrocuted or choked by the cord. And of course, this also delivers a much sleeker appearance.

Works From Anywhere

One of the most beneficial aspects of all is the fact that the PetChatz connects to the Internet. Once the pet cam has been plugged up and connected to your home network, it will become accessible from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are or what type of Internet-enabled device you have access to, you will always be able to check in on your dog. This pet camera is compatible with a versatile web application, as well as mobile apps. So, it’ll work from your computer, tablet or smartphone. And, the company pushes software upgrades to the PetChatz unit, so it will remain up to date and you won’t have to worry about doing anything.

The Included PawCall

pawcall petchatz

There are many pet cameras on the market, but few of them can match the functionality of the PetChatz. With PetChatz, you won’t be the only one that will be able to initiate a conversation. The unit includes an innovative PawCall, which is virtually a call button for your pet. When your dog steps on this button, you will receive an alert directly to your mobile phone. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to check in on your dog and give them a treat, if desired.

Two-Way Video System

pet camera

Unlike many pet cameras, PetChatz is embedded with a two-way video system. Most systems are only embedded with a one-way camera, so the owner can monitor their pet’s behavior. The PetChatz two-way video system allows owners and pets to see each other, during the interaction. This feature will not only make your pet feel more confident, when being left alone, but it will also give owners peace of mind. Many animals experience separation anxiety, because they feel abandoned. Of course, you will do whatever is necessary to ensure the pet that you are going to return, but sometimes this just is not enough.

The two-way video allows you to interact with your pet on an entirely different level. You will be able to connect with your pet 24-hours a day, even when you are traveling internationally.

Scentz Pads

petchatz scentz pads

Domestic animals have more things in common with humans that one could imagine. Many herbalists believe that essential oils offer various benefits that can improve overall wellbeing. With this being said, pets can also benefit for these oils and that is why PetChatz embedded a scent diffuser in their system. The Scentz pads are designed to absorb and release scents that will offer a calming effect. Experts encourage pet owners to choose a scent that their animal is not familiar with, so they can associate the unique smell to the PetChatz system.

It may take your pet several days to become accustomed to the new scent. Once the pet becomes more comfortable with aroma emitting from the system, they will find it very calming. All domestic animals require assurance when they are left alone for long periods of time and this is a great way for owners to give it to them.

Game Mode

The PetChatz Pet Camera is one of the few camera, which is capable of interacting with your pet on its own. The pet’s game mode gives you the ability to setup specific periods of play for your pooch. Once the camera has entered Game Mode, tones and pre-scheduled lights will be initiated and they’ll encourage your pooch to play along. If your pet plays along and follows all of the instructions, they’ll earn a treat at the end of the session. Suffice to say, the PetChatz works as a camera and a pet trainer!

How To Setup Or Install a PetChatz Pet Camara

There are many cameras, which are overly difficult to setup. Some require additional wiring and are simply too complicated for the average individual. The PetChatz Camera is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Once the camera has arrived at your home, you’ll be able to unbox it and mount it directly over an electrical outlet. Once the mount has been secured to the wall, you can plug in the power cord, attach the unit to the bracket, and you’re finished. Before you know it, your pooch will be calling you with the PawCall.

The Pros and Cons Of The PetChatz Pet Camera

Pros Of PetChatz Pet Camera

  • Simplistic installation can be completed by anyone
  • Gives you the opportunity to reward your pooch with a treat
  • Wi-Fi enabled to reduce cords
  • Uses a unique ringtone to get your attention
  • 2-way audio and 2-way video
  • Safe design keeps your pet safe
  • Game mode will keep your dog engaged
  • PawCall allows your pooch to initiate contact with you
  • Works with computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Calming scents
  • Sound and motion detection
  • Can be accessed from anywhere in the world

Cons Of PetChatz Pet Camera

  • May cover up an entirely electrical outlet
  • A little more expensive than the alternatives

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Overall Assessment Of PetChatz

When it comes down to it, the PetChatz Camera is truly spectacular. It is a little costly, but it delivers additional functionality, which cannot be found elsewhere. If you want immense peace of mind and wish to keep your dog busy, while you’re at work or school, the PetChatz is an ideal solution. There really isn’t anything you cannot do with this camera.

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