Pawbo Pet Camera – The Thorough Review Of

Don’t you just hate having to leave your pet at home, while you attend school or head to work? Although it would be nice to remain at home all day, this is simply a pipe dream for the majority of people. The Pawbo Pet Camera hopes to rectify this problem, by giving you the opportunity to enter your home even when you are hundreds of miles away. This particular camera is affordable, versatile, and will deliver an abundance of reassurance. Is it the right one for your specific predicament? Read the review below to find out!


Videos And Pictures

Dogs and cats can be hilarious creatures. From time to time, they’ll do something outrageously funny and you’ll want to share their actions with others. The Pawbo makes it possible to do just that easily. First and foremost, the company is equipped with video recording capability. Users will have the option of recording videos and sending it directly to their drop box Cloud storage. The camera also offers instant sharing via social media. After you’ve snapped a photo, you’ll be able to share it across several social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

With the Pawbo Pet Camera, you’ll be able to capture memorable moments and share them with the world.

Entertain From Afar

While cats are fairly laid back, dogs can be very energetic. In order to ensure you do not return home to a feisty dog, you’ll want him or her to dispense their energy ahead of time. The Pawbo solves this problem by giving you the option of playing with your dog from the office. The camera is equipped with an interactive laser dog game. By entering this mode and controlling the laser, you’ll be able to make your dog chase the laser dot throughout the house. The camera also features a handful of sound effects and is capable of dispensing treats.

This will give you the ability to entertain your dog from afar and reward them for their good behavior.

Two-Way Communication System

Many people would not even consider how important communication is for an animal. Pets respond to humans by listening to their voices and watching their actions. When you are away, your pet is patiently waiting for your arrival. They will react to every noise they hear, even if the noise is familiar or unique. The Pawbo is embedded with a two-way communication system that allows you to interact with your pet audibly. At first the pet will not know what to expect, when they hear your voice emitting from the unit. Over time they will become so used to it that they will walk up to the device, hoping to grab your attention.

720p Camera

Pawbo Camera Test

Pawbo Camera Test

Pet cameras have definitely evolved over the past few years. Today, users can access live-stream videos, capture images, and share with others. The Pawbo has a built-in 720p camera, with a 110-degree wide viewing angle. You will be able to access a live-stream video via the app and snap photos of your pet, while you are at work or school. Just having the opportunity to see your pet, when you are away from home will be a treat within itself. The camera will also work in low-light situations, but you may want to leave a light on if you are going to be away at night.

The location is extremely important, since your pet spends most of its time on the floor or couch. If you know your pet’s favorite place to hang out, this is where you will want to direct the camera angle. It will take a bit of practice to find the perfect location, but your pet’s wellbeing is extremely important, so it will not matter in the long run.

Multiple Users

The Pawbo Pet Camera is very versatile, when it comes to its audio capabilities. Not only does it offer two-way talk, but also the camera will allow up to 8 people to chat with your pet at any given time. This is great for those that reside in large households with multiple people. Suffice to say, with the Pawbo, you will never have to worry about waiting in queue, in order to speak with your pooch. You’ll be able to join right in on the fun regardless.

Wide-Angle Lens

Although the Pawbo is fairly compact, it is still capable of providing a large field of view. The camera delivers a 130-degree field of view, which is better than many of its competitors. Just make sure you place the camera in the right location and you’ll be able to monitor the majority of the room and most of your dog’s behavior, while you’re away from home.

Setup Of Pawbo Pet Camera

The Pawbo is truly designed for almost everyone. Even those that have very little experience with technology will be able to get the Pawbo up and running rapidly. The camera only features a power cord, which is approximately 4 to 5 foot in length. It connects wirelessly to the user’s network, so you won’t have to worry about stringing an Ethernet cable across the room. This also gives you plenty of freedom and ensures you can place the camera almost anywhere, as long as an electrical outlet is nearby. Once the camera is hooked up, it’ll be accessible through the associated mobile app within a matter of seconds.

The Pros and Cons of Pawbo Pet Camera


  • Very sleek and will look great in any home
  • Fairly affordable
  • Beautiful 720P camera
  • Power cord is just the right size
  • Can dispense treats
  • Can be used to entertain your dog or cat
  • 2-way audio and 1-way video
  • Allows 8 people to talk to the pet at once
  • Works fluidly with most social platforms
  • Convenient video recording
  • Works with iOS and Android devices


  • Only 1-way video
  • Holds a limited number of treats
  • Speaker has a little bit of an echo

Overall Assessment of Pawbo

All in all, the Pawbo Pet Camera is a little limited, when compared to a few of its competitors. Nonetheless, the price is right on the money and easily justifiable. The camera can be used to chat or play with your pet from anywhere in the world. And it’ll provide you with an abundance of peace of mind. For that, the investment is truly well worth it!

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