Furbo Dog Camera Treat Dispenser Review

Furbo Pet Cam Review is another greatly expected review by pet lovers all over the world. As you know pet are mostly left at home while we go about our daily activities thereby leaving them all by themselves which means no fun and no one to play with. As a pet lover I sought to find out a big solution to this and fortunately some company notice the problem to and sought for a solution and one of those companies is Tomofun.  Tomofun created Furbo Pet Cam which is good with dogs so you regard this as a Dog pet camera.


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Is Furbo Pet Camera the Best pet camera?

Well, according to the track record of the money gotten from the product launch and having a lot of pet owners and lover wait and pre order the Furbo Pet Cam which means there is more to the eye, what makes this pet camera better than other exciting pet cameras  out there? And well that is why we have a review article for that.

In this review, we are going to be looking that the Furbo Dog Camera in details and what makes it special which should also be an advantage you should get the pet camera.

I normally advice their pet camera at amazon because of the guarantee that comes with the product so if you have any issues you can just return it to them so always buy from amazon.

Furbo Dog Camera UNBOXING

Like are I said above, buy from Amazon as the product I am unboxing is from Amazon.

The Furbo Pet camera comes properly packed in two boxes and proper forms to protect the Furbo pet camera from damaging if it falls but what will you find in the furbo dog camera box?

furbo dog cam unboxing

  1. USD Cable Cord (7 foot)
  2. A Adaptor
  3. The Furbo Dog Camera
  4. A Instruction Manual

So, if you the furbo dog camera you bought is not as complete as the one in stated here then you properly know you have to return it.

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Features of the Furbo Dog Camera

Treat Dispenser

furbo Treat Dispenser

Furbo Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

For a pet camera to have a treat dispenser is a +1 for the pet camera and fortunately for furbo dog camera it comes with a treat dispenser, so know that the furbo dog camera also comes with a pet treat dispenser which means you can certainly surprise your pets one in a while when you are away by making them have their belly enjoy some treats.

The furbo treat dispenser slot was able to pass diff shapes of treats easily and well which makes it a awesome one for you and also your dogs.

Barks Alerts Notification

This is the first and only  pet camera even for dogs that comes with a Bark alerts system, what thid means is that when the Furbo Dog Camera hears your dog barks, the furbo pet camera sends a notification to your mobile phone, this helps to avoid your dog barking and disturbing your neighours when you are not around. You will be wondering how the pet camera will be able to know the noise is the bark of a dog and the answer is “ The Furbo pet camera has a little microphone which is programmed and modify to only sense the barks of your pets (dogs) which means you wont be faced with unnecessary notifications.

Video Quality

furbo video quality

The main use of reason of having a pet camera is because of the camera, well Furbo did not fail in this aspect as they come well equipped with a 720p HD camera for your view and that not the best of it. The Furbo Dog camera comes with a Night vision which allows you to see what your pet is doing in the dark so you don’t have to worry about what happens at night when you are away as you can see them and also not to forget that the Furbo camera range is about 120 degree wide angle with 4X digital zoom which makes it much more easy to view images from afar by zooming during the video.

Audio Quality

The Furbo Dog Camera is simply one of the awesome pet camera when it comes to audio as it is awesome, when you have a very strong WiFi signal the Audio works perfectly well, just makes you are in a very quiet when trying to call your pet due to background noise that the microphone might pick up.

Furbo Dog Camera Additional Features

When trying to decide on which pet camera to buy for your dog then you should consider these advantage below because it might just convince you to buy Furbo Dog Camera

  1. Furbo Apps are available for noth Android and iOS devices
  2. You can save images, pictures taken from the Furbo app
  3. You can also share such images immediately to your social media account with a tap of a button.

Conclusion On Furbo Dog Camera

We know that a lot is put in to create a very interactive pet camera which will help you and your pet create a good bond while you are away and Furbo made all that possible with their clean and attractive design and unique projectile treat dispenser makes it all fun for your pet while you are away. Furbo Dog Cam has been recommended by a lot of users and authority site.

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